Jim Nugent Consulting

Service Management

Many of the projects I am involved with are driven by a desire to improve service. The goal here is to create a vision of what good service looks like for users, staff, management etc. This can be an exciting exercise, which can often lead to overhauling core service process, support systems and reporting as we create the new service model. While the vast majority of staff want to improve service, these projects can often bring up fears of over commitment and change resistance, requiring close attention.

Project Management

I use best practice methodologies to control and manage projects. All individuals linked to the project will know what is expected of them and how we are progressing against agreed deliverables. Issues and risks are managed closely and escalated as required.

Process Re-design

Well documented and adhered to processes lead to better decision making and more effective organizational change. Over the years I have refined a process and template for process re-design. It encourages “buy in” and ensures real transparency around process activities and KPI’s. I strongly believe that the people running the process need to report on their process and have the capability to enhance it.

Requirements Capture and Business Analysis

It sounds so simple but anybody who has ever been involved in software development knows how challenging it can be to capture complete and clear business requirements. I think that experience and intuition are key here. Listening attentively, being able to pick up on subtle clues that can open the door to “Must Have” requirements. “As a… I want to be able to… so that I can”.

Change Management

Unless new work practices can be successfully embedded, it is highly unlikely that your project will meet its objectives. I like the simplicity and tools of the Prosci ADKAR® Model, in supporting individual and organisational change. From assessing readiness, identifying impacted groups to influencing individual transitions.

Product Selection/ System Config.

Product selection is so much easier when you have clear, weighted requirements. I have defined and configured the core system elements; e.g. Categorisations, Notifications, Permissions, FAQ’s and Reporting.

Training: Design/ Delivery

I have designed training materials and trained hundreds of people in fully accredited Prince2 and ITIL courses. Similarly, I have used class based and blended learning approaches in the delivery of many projects.

IT Compliance: Sarbanes - Oxley (SOX)

In this role my primary objective is to ensure that services, operations, policies and procedures are conducted in line with regulatory and legislative requirements. I bring good process and risk analysis skills and experience in shared IT service environments.